Tater-du Lighthouse A0032



5003.5'N, 534.6'E


Fl (3) W 15

Height of tower: 

15 m


41 m


23 M

Additional light

F R on same structure

Fog Signal: Horn (2) 30s

First lit:  







Tater Du Lighthouse was built by Trinity House in 1965 as an automatic installation. It marks a headland on the south Cornwall coast to the west of Penzance. A red sector light warns shipping of the Runnelstone Rocks.

The lighthouse, which is built of white concrete blocks, was modernised in 1996/7.














It is difficult to reach Tater-du, if you are not fit to walk along the coastal path. There is no road access.


Looking at the history of shipwrecks along this coast, this lighthouse should have been built much before 1965. The final motivation for finally building a light here, was the wreck of the Spanish coaster Juan Ferrer. She ran ashore with the loss of 11 lives in October 1963.

The lighthouse that was subsequently built by Trinity House was automated and un-manned from the beginning.


The pictures were taken from a boat on a day trip to the Scilly Isles.


morning picture


evening picture



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