Brinkamahof Lighthouse, Bremerhaven Marina, Germany


The lighthouse Brinkamahof was built in 1910/1911. It was the most northerly of the Bremerhaven towers. The tower was built from iron rings, because it was anticipated that the constantly moving river bed would require the tower to be moved.

It was originally named Brinkamahof, then from 1959 Unterfeuer Weddewarden (Low Light Weddewarden). The local nick name was “Little Roter Sand”.

At the end of the 70s the container port in northern Bremerhaven was to be enlarged and the little lighthouse had to make room.  Ironically this was the first time the tower was actually moved. It travelled by crane to its new location.

Since August 19th 1980 the tower stands in the Marina in Bremerhaven and serves as living quarters and home for yachtsmen.




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