A trip to Schleimünde Lighthouse -

or a birthday present from a wonderful friend!


This year (2006) we spent my birthday in Kiel with our very good friends Iris and Dirk.

On the morning of "the big day" we got up to find this lovely birthday table ....




... and this brilliant gift voucher  inside one of the presents. ►




 The voucher is for a round trip from the little port of  Kappeln to the lighthouse Schleimünde and back.







Thank you Iris and Dirk! Great idea!


So a couple of days later, we drove north from Kiel, to Kappeln. We found our boat and took seats at a little table on the sun deck.


The weather didn't look too promising, but we were determined to enjoy the trip.


The little harbour in Kappeln was beginning to fill up with all manner of little boats. And on the harbour side a whole lot of attractions were assembling.














Like this lovely old car - a 1914 Ford Model T





We were on our way ...




... and soon go tour first glance of Schleimünde and the lighthouse.


Scleimünde Mole C1186



54° 40' 19,6"N; 10° 02' 14,9"E


Fl (3) W 20s

Height of tower: 

14.3 m


14.8 m


W 14 M, R 11 M

First lit:  


Fog signal Morse "SN"


Danish authorities built moles to stabilize the entrance to the Schlei estuary in 1842. The little lighthouse was built by German authorities when  Schleswig-Holstein reverted to German control.


The lighthouse holds a peculiar record: No other lighthouse in Germany  has changed it's livery as many times as this one. It started out yellow, then in 1890 it was dark grey. Than yellow again and from 1920 red and white chequered.  Later the chequer pattern was black and white.







Today the lighthouse in covered in vinyl tiles - white with a black band. The lantern is painted black.












Our ship tied up at the mole and we were allowed ashore.






All too soon it was time to leave again.







And on the way back, the wedding party, which had joined the boat in Kappeln, began to celebrate in earnest.



















We had a lovely day and were really glad to have seen this lovely little lighthouse "up close and personal"


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