Lighthousing in Los Angeles

On the 12th of April 2006 we took a trip to Los Angeles to see .. .what else ... lighthouses. We were hoping for good pictures of the Point Vicente light, the Point Fermin light and maybe the Angels Gate. Well judge for yourself if the pictures are good!

We started with a long drive from San Diego. Wow, there are a lot of cars on the road these days. Kim had offered to drive us there and we were more and more grateful that she had!!

From a view point high above the harbour, across roofs and power cables,  we caught our first glance of a lighthouse. This is the Los Angeles Harbour (Angel's Gate) lighthouse. But more about that later.

First we were looking for Point Vicente Lighthouse. We had heard sooo much about this station, we were looking forward to seeing it. At least from the outside.









This beautiful lighthouse is open to the public on the second Saturday in the month. But sadly, while we were there, this would have been the Saturday before Easter Sunday. We could not come to visit on that day! So we had to make due with seeing and admiring the lighthouse from outside the fence.






Peter tries to get a good shot through the fence and Kim tries the same through the closed gate.

Well I thought I would try both positions. Here are my results:


My "gate picture" and one nicely framed through the fence

The station looks really well cared for and someone seems to take pride in keeping everything ship shape! Here are a couple more pictures:

Just to prove that we really did go there ....










Shame we could not see the lens. I am told it is beautiful. But there was no time to take a boat trip to photograph from the water.






Driving along the coast towards Point Fermin, we managed to find a car park with this view back towards Point Vicente.

If you want to find out more about this lighthouse, have a look here:

Point Vicente Lighthouse



Next stop: Point Fermin Lighthouse.

... well actually, our stomachs demanded some food first! I know, you should not advertise, but this place was a MUST. Kim and Peter, seen here leaving after lunch, had been here before and their recommendation was well justified!

From here we had another view of the  Los Angeles Harbour (Angel's Gate) lighthouse.












So, on to Point Fermin Lighthouse ... finally ....

What a pretty lighthouse! And you can see the loving care and attention "The Point Fermin Lighthouse Society", the youngest chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society lavishes on "their" station.


Here are some websites for those who want to find out more:

Point Fermin Lighthouse, California at


Point Fermin Park, San Pedro, CA



We took one of the tours, which take place daily. It is a great way of finding out about the lighthouse and the people who lived there.

The lighthouse looks a picture from the seaward side ...


... and form the land side.




























In 2002 a $2.6 million dollar facelift made the lighthouse the pretty jewel it is today. Two plaques commemorate this event.






One of the surprises, to be found inside the lighthouse, is a replica model of the station.




Even the inside has been lovingly re-created.






















Must have taken a lot of skill and patience to make this beautiful re-creation of the lighthouse.










David Jacobson, the volunteer guide, who showed us round the lighthouse, also took us to the lantern room. And guess what we saw from there? Yes you guessed it:  the Los Angeles Harbour (Angel's Gate) lighthouse.




















So, we thought it was time to say Good Bye to Point Fermin and get a little closer to this harbour light.








This is the closest we could get. We could not walk out to the lighthouse. And this his how close my camera got to it:



To find out more about the Angel's Gate, have a look at these websites:


Los Angeles Harbor (Angel's Gate) Lighthouse, California at


Angel's Gate Lighthouse, San Pedro, CA


Angels Gate







Kim, Stan and Peter waiting patiently on the breakwater in the harbour, while I take photographs!





We had a great day in Los Angeles! Thanks to our friend Kim Fahlen, who not only expertly drove the car, but had a lot of information about the lighthouses.










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