Here is a series of clips from a video taken by Mike Millichamp. It shows the German lightship Elbe 1 off the coast of Penzance, Cornwall and its subsequent entry into the harbour. These clips are only part of the whole video, the whole thing was too large to use as whole, so we split it into downloadable clips.

The weather conditions resulted in the  picture quality being  impaired and there is a lot of wind-noise, but we thought you might still like to see the lightship entering the harbour!

Thanks Mike for allowing us to use the video!


After 5 days at sea, Elbe 1 arrived off the Cornish coast and dropped anchor  Elbe1 Penzance\Elbe 1 Clips\First.wmv
She had to wait outside the harbour of Penzance, because of the tides and also for the harbour to be cleared! Elbe1 Penzance\Elbe 1 Clips\Second.wmv
It is getting dark, the ship lifted her anchor and is about to meet the pilot, who will guide her into port Elbe1 Penzance\Elbe 1 Clips\Third.wmv
This is the longest clip. The ship is on her way into the harbour, through the gates and towards her berth Elbe1 Penzance\Elbe 1 Clips\Fourth.wmv
In the dark the ship's crew exchange greetings with the people from Penzance ... Elbe1 Penzance\Elbe 1 Clips\Fifth.wmv

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