The real Dunja 1973 in Den Oever, Netherlands






Dunja was a beautiful 12 m, two mast Sailing Yacht, built by Margret's father's friend Karl-Heinz Klute, who's wife kindly allowed Stan to use the original plans to build the model

The real Dunja was built in Holland and named Dunja after her owener's favourit German singer and actress Dunja Raiter.






The real Dunja at home in Holland ▲ and in Great Yarmouth in 1973►





Dunja is ready for her "Maiden Voyage".


She is rigged with steel rigging, because that is closest to the original.

And she has a motor, because the real one also had.


So off we went to the paddling pool on the beach. Really the weather was not all the suitable - too windy and rough. And the paddling pool is not very deep, but for a quick test run, it just had to do.





The model did good under the bad weather conditions.


The bad sail position is Margret's fault.





Oops ... caught the motor control ...









In the end the rough conditions got too much for the steel rigging. One of the lines snapped. So Stan decided to re-rig her with rope and also take the chance to improve some things.

So the model went back into the workshop.










Access to the inner workings through the roof of the cabin.




Again the planking is made by hand from obeechy wood.


The electrics had gotten a little damp, so that will now be sorted out too.




Stan and the model




Watch this space for more pictures soon!











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