Summary of the Information we have about the service of the lighthouse keepers in the family

Name Christian Name Born / Died Wife Relation to Stan Service History as far as we know


Ernest (Ernie)

1896 1975

Florence Ball


1923 Blackwall (AK)

???? Casquets [1]

???? Trevose Head [2]

1929 Skerries AK

1929 appointed Storekeeper Gt. Yarmouth depot

Oct. 1966 relief keeper Portland Bill

1968 occasional keeper at St. Catherines (IOW) and Anvil Point


Charles William Edward

1871 - 1951

Mary Ann Nicholas


3.2.1891 Blackwall (SAK)

1892-6 Wolf Rock, (AK)

1896-1906 Lizard, 1906-7 Longships, 1907- Round Is.

1913 Lynmouth Foreland (PK)

1920 Lowestoft

1929 South Stack


Charles Aubrey

1893 - 1962

Margaret Noris


1918 Blackwall

1920 Outer Fern

1924 Lundy North


Edmond Kernan

1876 -

Lylee ??

Great Uncle

1897 joined TH

1899-1900 Smalls,

1900-6 Wolf Rock,

1906-11 Lynmouth Foreland,

1911- Portland Bill

1917 Portland Breakwater



1847 1898

Theresa Kernan

Great -Grandfather

4-10/1874 Longstone,

April 1874 Outer Farne

October 1874 Dungeness

December 1876 Souter Point (Durham)

March 1888 St. Catherine's,

December 1888-94 Longships

1894-1898 Bishop Rock


[1] We know he was there in 1927 when E.T. Pay was assistant keeper there. We have some original oil paintings given to dad by E.T.Pay who had painted them while they were at the Casquets station together.

[2] Just a suspicion as there are so many pictures of this LH and there was another station in that time

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