Some of our favourite Lighthouse-Links 

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 Iris has pages full of everything you ever wanted to know about light ships!   Jens & Anke's Pages about lighthouses are well worth a visit! 
Bob and Sandra Shanklin have a great website - with their books and photographs, they are doing their bit for the preservation of lighthouses!  BEACHCOMBER MUSIC website to promote the instrumental music of composer/guitarist Mat Dickson.  
British Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society Association of Lighthouse Keepers UK
Mike has great pages dedicated to lighthouses  Leading Lights is one of our favourite magazines


Petra's Scotland Pages

Leuchttürme und maritime Themen (German)

Lighthouses and maritime topics 

  Jürgen has great pages! (German) Lighthouse Stamp Society (USA) 
Connecticut Cinderellas (USA) we have bought some lovely Cinderellas from here - Leuchttürme & Leuchtturmkunde

Lighthouses & Lighthouse Lore is a German Language site about all aspects of lighthouses! Katrin is doing a great job here!

Bernd Rothmann has  great Lighthouse pages


World Lighthouse Society

The Cape Cod's Ligthouse Encyclopaedia

All of the information you need on U. S. lighthouses, in one convenient place


Well worth a good browse!!!


The Cape Cod Store Lighthouse Encyclopaedia


The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses

This is a brilliant page from a young German collector, Jonas who collects Leuchtturm-Briefmarken (Lighthouse Stamps) If you speak or read German it will be very interesting, but even if you don't Jonas' collection is impressive!


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