Trevose Head NW End A5638 - North Cornwall  UK





 Fl W 7.5s

Height of tower: 

 27 m


 62 m


 27 M

First lit:  



There have been discussions about a lighthouse here as early as 1809. Trinity House considered it in 1813 and 1832. But is was to be December 1847, before an oil light was installed here. Originally there were two lights here (a high light and a low light), but in 1882 the low light was discontinued and the high light changed to an occulting light.

On the Trinity House website for this lighthouse you can read all about the lens. It says: "During the 1912/13 modernisation, the first order (920mm) catadioptric lens with the three symmetrical panels was put into service, and it was into this lens in around 1920 that the Hood vapour burner was installed. Newly developed the Hood high power vaporized oil burner, with autoform mantel was a great improvement. The autoform mantle formed itself into a spherical shape when burnt off. The light produced was a 198,000 candle power red flash of 0.3 second duration every 5 seconds with a nominal range of 25 miles; the 3.6 tonnes lens was driven by a clockwork motor driven by weights."
The light was automated in 1995 and the keepers withdrawn.

Not until 1911 was a fog horn installed at this station. This is surprising, if you consider the sea mist and fog which is common along this coast line.

The keeper's cottages are now popular holiday destinations (let by Rural Retreats). But you need to be prepared to cope with the noise of the fog signal.


Fog horn

◄ Entrance to the station





When we visited the lighthouse in April 2007, we heard this noise and spoke to some of the people staying there, who had been listening to it for a couple of days. This must give you a very good impression of the life of a keeper's family.



The cliffs and sea just below the lighthouse leave little to the imagination. The spray from the sea can and does come up about 150 feet!



The first order (920mm) catadioptric lens











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