Teingmouth Lighthouses,
South Coast, UK

Teignmouth Lighthouse "The Den" A0262 Powderham Terrace A0262.1
Latitude 50 deg 32.5 min N Latitude 50 deg 35.5 min N
Longitude 3 deg 29.7 min W Longitude 3 deg 29.7 min W
Height of tower 6 meters Height of tower 6 meters
Elevation 10 meters Elevation 10 meters
Character F R Character F R
Range 6 M Range 3 M

We saw these lights on 22nd March 2003 on a visit organised for the inaugural meeting of the South Western Region of the Association of Lighthouse Keepers. Because of the treacherous nature of the entrance to the harbour of Teignmouth the Teignmouth Harbour Commissioners decided on a lighthouse here as early as the early 1840s. The tower, built of local limestone was first lit in 1845.
This lighthouse has never had a keeper and has often been mistaken for a "toy lighthouse". Far from being a toy this tower is an important leading light, which together with the light on Powderham Terrace guides shipping into the harbour even now.
The rear light is much simpler in construction. It is mounted on a tall pole in front of the Lynton House Hotel. The local Harbour Master maintains the lights.

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