Start Point Lighthouse, England A0228


     Lat./Long:       50°13.3’N; 3°38.5’W 

     Location:         Salcombe Harbour, Start Bay   

     Character:       Fl (3) W 10s

     Height of tower: 28 m

     Elevation:        62 m

     Visible:           25 M

     Vis.:               184° - 068° (244°)

                           210° - 255° (45°) over Skerries Bank

     Present optic:  3rd Order Catadioptric Lens

     Fog signal:       Horn 60 s

     Other lights:     FR same structure, Elevation: 55 m, Visible: 12 M

     Other buildings: keeper’s cottage

     First lit:             1836

     Automated:       1993




                                  Issued 8th February 2005


     James Walker designed Start Point Lighthouse in 1836.  Despite the innovative lens designed by Alan Stevenson, the light was inadequate in foggy conditions and a fog bell was installed in the 1860s.

The machinery was housed in a small building on the cliff face and operated by a weight, which fell in a tube running down the sheer cliff. A siren replaced the bell after only fifteen years. In 1871, the intermediate floors of the tower of 1836 were removed and extra accommodation provided in common with all Trinity House Stations

In recent years the ground under the fog signal house has become insecure finally resulting in the collapse of the building in December 1989. Since then the site has been levelled, a new retaining wall built and a freestanding fog signal stack put in place.


                                                                                                                                 Photo © Ian Butcher

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