Saint Anthony Head, A0062



50º08.4'N, 5º00.9'W


Oc WR 15s

Height of tower: 

19 m


22 m


W 22 M, W20 M, R 20 M

Fog Signal: Nautophone Sounding A 3 Second Blast Every 30 Secs *

First lit:  


* note:  this sound file of the fog horn  may take a while to load!
















This lighthouse marks the eastern entrance to Carrick Roads, the harbour of Falmouth in Cornwall, guiding shipping past Manacles rock.





The First Order Lens of the lighthouse and the old fog signals.


On the Trinity House web-page for this lighthouse it states:

"Even in the seventeenth century rudimentary navigational aids were employed. The Killigrew family flew a large red flag from an elm tree denoting wind direction, however this was eventually taken down in 1779 to avoid its being used by invading fleets."

We saw the lighthouse on our trip to Cornwall in April 2007.












The coast to the North, along the Carrick Roads. The little white building is the Lighthouse Fuel Store.


You can rent the keeper's cottage for a holiday. It is called Sally Port Cottage and you can see it on the website of Rural Retreats, the letting agent.







But you will have to remember, this is a working lighthouse and there might be some noise.









Still you will be very private and secluded.







The rocks below the lighthouse are a popular place for cormorants.


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