Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse
Jutland, Denmark
Latitude 57 deg 26.96 min N .
Longitude 9 deg 46.51 min E .
Height of tower 90 meters .
Character Fl W (1+2) 30s .
Range 23M .

We visited this lighthouse in June 2004 on a wonderful trip with our friends Iris and Dirk. The station is awe inspiring, when you contemplate the forces nature puts to work here.
The information below largely comes from a book called “Danmarks Fyrtårne og fyrskibe” by Ove Hermansen and we are grateful to Iris for the help in translating the Danish text.

The light is inactive since 1968, but because of the special situation this light station is in, it remains a popular attraction. The lighthouse, once Denmark’s second highest tower, was built in 1899 at a cost of 175 000 Danish Kroner. It was first lit on the 27th December 1900. The tower height then was 23 meters and the lighting apparatus came from France and cost 40 000 French Francs.

To celebrate the 100th birthday of the tower, the local population organised a procession from the near by Mårup Church 1500 meters to the light station. 3000 spectators watched. For the celebration a portable lighting apparatus had been installed and the original character of the light was displayed until New Years Eve.

During this period tons of sand had to be removed from the station, because shifting sands constantly threaten the lighthouse.

On 1st August 1968 the light was discontinued and all efforts to maintain the tower were abandoned. The tower is closed to the public and so one cannot climb the 99 steps to enjoy the view from the top of the tower any longer. But that does not really matter, as the view from the top of the all engulfing sand dune is nearly identical. The dune is now high enough to be level with the gallery of the tower.

The shifting sands have now all but completely destroyed the keepers’ cottages, which had served as a museum and coffee shop.

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