Portland Bill A0294, Dorset UK

Lat./Long: 5030.8N; 227.3W
Description: White round tower, red band
Character: GpFl (4) W 20s
Height of tower: 41 m
Elevation: 43 m
Visible: 29 M
Fog signal: Diaphone 30s

The current lighthouse was built to replace two earlier structures half a mile inland. The old lighthouse built in 1789 now houses a bird observatory. This light was first lit in 1906. The light is electric (100V 3000W) and produces 3.370,000 candle power

The lighthouse is equipped with a radio beacon (call sing PB). Keepers were withdrawn from the station in March 1996 and control of the station transferred to the Trinity House Operations Control Centre at Harwich.

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