Point Danger Lighthouse K2845
Captain Cook Memorial,
Queensland Australia

Latitude: 50 deg 30.8 min N
Longitude: 2 deg 27.3 min W
Description: White concrete columns, floodlit
Character: Fl (2) W 20s
Height of tower: 20 m
Elevation: 45 m
Visible: 19 M

Point Danger was named by James Cook in 1770. The Gold Coast and Tweed Heads City Councils together with the Commonwealth Department of Shipping and Transport built the memorial lighthouse for the 200th anniversary of Cook’s voyage. It was first lit in 1971.
It lays claim to being the first in the world to experiment with laser technology to create it's beam, but in 1975 the experiment was recognised as unsuccessful and it returned to the more conventional mirrors, magnifying glass and powerful electric lamps.
Straddling the border between Queensland and New South Wales, the Captain Cook Memorial Lighthouse is formed by four concrete columns connected with sculptured steel at the top.

         The picture was taken in 2002 by our son Ian

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