Mevagissey Harbour Lighthouse A0078

Victoria Pier Head



5116.1'N, 446.9'W


Fl (2) W 10s

Height of tower: 

8 m


9 m


12 M

Fog signal: Horn 30s

Addtional light:

Dia 30s

First lit: 1896



After the great blizzard in 1891 destroyed the original pier, it was rebuilt and this lighthouse built at the end.


Mevagissey, comes from "Meva and Issey". The town of St. Meva and St. Issey were first recorded as a hamlet in 1313, however there were settlements in the locality long before that date as is shown by the uncovering of two Bronze Age Burial Urns at Portmellon.




This is a very beautiful Cornish village...


... but you better be prepared for some very interesting driving. Below is the way to the car park we used. And that was after we negotiated the town streets, which were little wider.




This little harbour is still busy with fishing. These days more sport fishing, then commercial.



And divers also use the beautiful clear waters.






























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