Marienleuchte C1284, Island of Fehmarn, Baltic Sea, Germany


Latitude 54 Deg 29.7 Min N
Longitude 11 Deg 14.3 Min E

Established 1832 - 1967 New light 1967
Height of tower 18 m New light 33 m
Elevation 28 m New light 40 m
Character New light Fl (4) WR 15s
Range New light W 22 M, R18 M


On the island of Fehmarn, very near the port of Puttgarten, you will find two lighthouses with the same name: Marienleuchte.




This is the old lighthouse. It is an impressive old building, sadly in rather poor state of repair. The lighthouse was  named after Queen Maria Sophie Friederike of Denmark who personally  inaugurated  the lighthouse on her birthday on the 28th  October 1832. The island belonged to Denmark at that time.

When we visited the lighthouse in June 2004, we knew it was for sale. But we did not expect to be able to get such a wonderful picture of it. The grounds are actually not open to the public. So we parked near the entrance to the drive and got out of the car. We were looking for a way to photograph the building and stood looking along the hedges, when a gentleman came walking down the drive. He was looking after the building for the owner and was concerned that we would do what many other tourists do: "They climb through the hedge and the next thing we see, is strangers looking into our windows." It must be annoying to have these inconsiderate people pushing through your hedge.

Of course we had no plans of trespassing. And when we assured him of this, he very kindly invited us into the garden and allowed us to take as many pictures as we wanted. He did not need to tell us twice! It was a one-off opportunity, we did not want to miss!


This is the commemorative plaque set into the old building. It shows the initials of King Frederick IV of Denmark, the husband of Maria Sophie Friederike.


The old lighthouse is the oldest on Fehmarn and in private hands. It would make a lovely place to live and if had had the 538,000 Euros it was rumoured to cost, we could have been tempted.


Some  of the outbuildings which also belong to the light station would make very beautiful living accommodation, if you had the money to convert these barns. 







The new lighthouse stands at the bottom of the garden. This station is still active and, with it's rotating Fresnel lens, lights the busy shipping lanes between the island and Denmark.



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