Nørre Lyngvig Lighthouse (Holmlands Klit) B1868


56º3'N, 8º6.3'E


Fl W 5s

Height of tower: 

38 m


53 m


22 M

First lit:  

3rd November 1906

This lighthouse gets its name from the summer-house area it stands in. When it was noted that the distance between the lighthouses of Blåvands Huk und Bovbjerg was too great, this tower was built between the two. This, because of its location, is one of the most visited lighthouses in Denmark.

Built in 1906 it carries the logo of King Frederik VIII. This is rare as the king only reigned for 6 years and therefore not may lighthouses were built in his time.

We did not climb the 69 steps to the entrance or the 159 to the viewing plattform. It seemed enough to know that this tower with a total of 228 steps, is the tower with the most steps in Denmark. Not a record we needed confimring.


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