The Lizard Lighthouse A0060, Cornwall UK



4957.6'N, 512.1'W


Fl W 3s

Height of tower: 

19 m


70 m


26 M

Fog Signal: Horn (2) 60s

First lit:  

1619, 1751


We saw this beautiful station on the 26th of March 2002 and again in April 2007.
The first thing you see, when walking towards the lighthouse is the sign on the left. It is mounted by the gate and made us glad that the sun was shining!

The distinctive twin towers of the Lizard Lighthouse mark the most southerly point of mainland Britain.



Sir John Killigrew, a philanthropic Cornishman, applied for a patent to build a lighthouse, which was granted with the proviso that the light should be extinguished at the approach of the enemy.
A light was erected and finished at Christmas 1619. The lighthouse proved to be great benefit to mariners. However, the ship owners offered nothing for its upkeep, and the mounting costs of maintenance were bankrupting Killigrew. In the face of more opposition from Trinity House, James I set a fee of one halfpenny a ton on all vessels passing the light. This caused such an uproar from the ship owners that the patent was withdrawn, the light extinguished and the tower demolished.
It was not until 1748 that Trinity House allowed another lighthouse to be built. It was completed in 1751, and consisted of two towers, with cottages built between them, in which a supervisor had to lay on a sort of couch, with a window on either side commanding a view of the lanterns. When the men blowing the bellows slackened and the fires dimmed, he would remind them of their duties by a blowing a cow horn.
Trinity House assumed responsibility in 1771. Structural alterations were made in 1812, which left the station much as it is today. The Western Tower was discontinued soon after 1903 and a single flashing light installed in the Eastern Tower.

This new flashing light was a 12 000 000 candle power arc lamp, which was apparently blamed for the bad pilchard catches in the following season.


The Lizard Lighthouse was automated in 1998.

Today the lighthouse is still in use, but you can take tours around the station and up the tower where you can see this beautiful lens and the reserve light up close.















we had a great day at the Lizard in April 2007


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