Kiel Lighthouse C1215, Baltic Sea, Germany

Latitude 54 Deg 30 Min N

Longitude 10 Deg 16.5 Min E

Height of tower 33 meters
Elevation 29 m
Character Iso WRG 6s
Range W17 M, R 14 M, G 13 M

On Thursday 26 June 2003 we went on a lighthouse trip with a difference.

It was a beautiful sunny day and we joined the crew and one other passenger on board MS Seelotse, a retired pilot boat. She had come from Bremerhaven to take part in the festivities during Kiel Week and spent some of her time taking trips to Lighthouse Kiel.

On the right a picture of MS Seelotse.
This time we were especially lucky as it turned out. We were going to be allowed to land and visit the lighthouse. We were even allowed to climb the tower. The picture above left is of the lens.

The lighthouse was first lit on the 5th July 1967. A new way of building lighthouses was employed here. Three huge floating concrete boxes were towed to the site, sank in very exact positions and filled with sand. The tower made from aluminium was then lifted onto the platform by a floating crane.
The station houses a busy pilot station, a weather station and radar. Power is supplied to the station from the Bülk lighthouse.
The station replaced the Lightship Kiel, which was getting too expensive to maintain and too dangerous for the sailors on board due to the increased ships traffic and the ice which forms in these waters.
If you look closely at our picture of the lighthouse, you will see, behind the station, the “Alexander von Humbolt” just setting her distinctive green sails. “Alex” as she is affectionately known is the ex-lightship Kiel after her conversion to a great sailing ship.

This year - 2005 - the Kiel Philatelic Club issued a great cover for Kiel Week.


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