The lighthouses of Helgoland

Helogland (the bigger island) and Düne. The two islands that were once one big island. To find out more about Helgoland got to:

The motto of the island and explanation for the flag:

"Grün ist das Land, rot ist die Kant, weiß ist der Sand. Das sind die Farben von Helgoland."

"Green is the land, red is 'Kant' (edge), white is the sand. Those are the colours of Helgoland!"


To find out about the lighthouses, go to Article: Trip to Helgoland,  where you will find the story of our trip to Helgoland in June 2004.






Düne Rear



54º11'N, 7º53'E



54º11'N, 7º54.9'E


Fl W 5s



Iso WRG 4s

Height of tower: 

34 m


Height of tower:

15 m


82 m



17 m


28 M



W 11M,

R 10 M,

G 10 M

First lit:



First lit:
















Here are some Post Cards of the various lighthouses on Helgoland and Düne:


The card on the right was sent to us by our friend Iris on her trip to Helogland with Elbe 1 in June 2005.










←  The coal light and the English lighthouse

















The English lighthouse 1811-1902



















The German lighthouse and the coast guard station






The current lighthouse


before the radar and radio antennas were fitted.




























 The lighthouse at Düne















Sometime in the early 20th Century Margret's paternal Grandfather Karl Herbers visited Helgoland and drew this. It is a pencil sketch and we are not sure exactly when he drew it, but we thought we'd show it off anyway.


When you imagine the times, it must have been quite an adventure for Grandfather to travel to Helgoland. He died in 1927 and by then he was married and had two children and on on the way.  Grandfather travelled to Helgoland several times and this picture is from 1926.







The picture is called "Blick auf Leuchtturm und Mannestation"

"View to the lighthouse and manned station"










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