Hanstholm Lighthouse, Denmark B2084

Character: : Fl (3) W 20s 
Height of tower:  23 m
Elevation: 65 m
Visible: 26 M
First lit: 15th December 1843



We saw this light in June 2004, when we spent a lovely weekend in Denmark with Iris and Dirk!


There has been a lighthouse here for some 400 years. The current lighthouse was built in 1843. Once its light-intensity was the highest in the world. But, because the bright light dazzled the ships using the harbour, the light-intensity was reduced in 1967.



This light was equipped with a rotating optic from the start.


It was completed in 1843, but there were problems immediately. The tower showed cracks and an argument ensued between the master builder and the overseer for the authorities.  They could not agree about whether the foundations should be above or below ground. Eventually a court case against the master builder G.N. Sibbern resulted in him offering to build a new tower at his own expense. But it did not come to that.

In 1889 the height of the tower was reduced instead. The optic was removed and used at the lighthouse  Fornæs which was under construction at the time.


Since 1979 the tower and station buildings are protected / listed and the parish of Hanstholm has aquired the buildings to house a small local history museum. The rights to the light remained in the hands of the Danish lighthouse authority.

Incidentally, the lighthouse is described in Paul Jacobsen's book „Fugle omkring fyret“ and in the novel „I lampen“ by Ole Sarvig.

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