Old Lighthouse Altenbruch, River Elbe, Germany

     Height of tower: 13 m   

     Elevation: 14 m             

     Visible: 14 M                 

     First lit: 25th November 1897 until 1st March 1983                 


We visited this little tower in June 2004 on our way to Cuxhaven. Sadly we got there too late to climb to the top.

The tower is made from steel. On the floor below the lantern is a living room and the floor below that houses the machine room. The ground floor was used for storage and there was a water tank below that.

Changes in the shipping lanes lead to the tower having to be moved between 1915 and 1918.

The locals call it affectionately "Dicke Berta" "Fat Bertha". A group of friends now looks after the little tower. It has been extensively restored and is lovingly looked after by volunteers.

Today you can get married in this little tower. What a wonderful place to celebrate this important day!

If you can read German, you can look at this website "DICKE BERTA" - herzlich Willkommen





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