The Coat of Arms of the City of Cuxhaven and on the right the same coat of arms, this time on a plaque which hangs on the bridge of the beautiful lightship Elbe 1
The photograph we took while on a trip on Elbe 1, just before entering the harbour of Cuxhaven. Sadly we did not get close enough for a good picture!

The Beacon, Cuxhaven Germany

This mighty wooden construction can be reached via a breakwater. It belongs to the most notable constructions on the shore of the river Elbe. The beacon marks the geographical point at which the river Elbe ends.
It is not known exactly when the beacon was built, but it must have been at the small peninsular in 1706, since some papers found mention the fact that the parish has raised money to tar both this beacon and the larger one at the harbour.
Because of erosion and exposure to many storms and, the beacon had to be moved several times. In 1730 additional sea defences had to be erected to protect the shoreline. They were not all that successful and the beacon fell into the sea in 1743 in a huge storm.
It was a long time before the beacon was rebuilt in its current shape. On a very rare photograph from the year 1867 the beacon is shown together with the predecessor, which is about to be demolished.
A little time later, during the German-French war (1870/71) the beacon had to be dismantled in order not to give the French invasion forces any navigational aid. It was re-built in the summer 1871 and renewed again in 1989.
At the turn of the 20th century the famous radio pioneer Dr. Jonathan Zenneck attempted to establish radio communication ship to shore. He installed the required equipment like antennas etc. in a wooden hut, especially constructed under the beacon.
At the start of the First World War the beacon had to be demolished again and it was not reconstructed until 1924 in its present size and shape at a cost of 8.000 Marks.

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