Blåvandshuk Lighthouse B1848



55º33.5'N, 8º5.1'E


Fl (3) W 20s

Height of tower: 

39 m


54 m


23 M

First lit:  





This lighthouse has many advantages. It stands right by the best bathing beach in Denmark, it is pretty high and dominates the skyline. It was made famous in 1938 with the film „Blåvand melder Storm“ (Blåvand reports storm). Blåvand radio often reports about dramatic rescues in the North Sea. In 1996 the Danish post office issued a stamp with this imposing tower.

The lighthouse was built on the foundations of the 1888 light. The impressive lighthouse now belongs to the parish of Blåvand and can be visited. The local authority has realised it's value to tourism and now owns and maintains the lighthouse. Many thousands of people climb the 165 steps to the platform, from where they have apparently the greatest view in Denmark.






The booklet  cover shows a lovely picture of the lighthouse at night.

















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