Berry Head Lighthouse A0244 - Devon, UK

Lat./Long: 5024.0N; 328.9W 

Character: Fl (2) W 15s

Height of tower: 5 m

Elevation: 58 m

Visible: 14 M

Optic: 500mm Third Order

On a very rainy day in December 2003 an intrepid group from the ALK decided to meet and visit the lighthouse at Berry Head. The weather was wet and windy, but we walked up to this very unusual little lighthouse.

The building in the background is the coast guard station, which you have to pass to reach the lighthouse. This is the smallest lighthouse in England and it stands atop limestone cliffs. It is also the deepest lighthouse in the British Isles. Originally the optic was turned by a weight driven mechanism. The weights dropped 45 m down a shaft.  The lighthouse was built in 1906 and automated in 1921. The station was converted to mains electricity in 1994.

Close up of the lens.


Joy Adcock kindly sent us this photograph of the intrepid lighthouse fans who braved the wind and the rain to visit this little light!

It was wet and cold, but we had fun!







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