Avonmouth Pier Head Lights,
Bristol Channel, UK
South Pier Head A5492.1 North Pier Head A5492
Latitude 51 deg 30.4 min N Latitude 51 deg 30.5 min N
Longitude 2 deg 43 min W Longitude 2 deg 43 min W
Height of tower 9 meters Height of tower 16 meters
Elevation 9 meters Elevation 15 meters
Character Oc RG 30s Character Fl W 4s
Range 10 M Range 10 M

Both of these lighthouses were built in 1907-1908 from Norwegian Granite.

We first saw these lights on 12th March 2001. This is the story about how:
Monday morning, it is spring and the sun is shining. What better day to go and visit a lighthouse we have not seen as yet. For a while we had been contemplating getting some pictures of the two lighthouses in the Avonmouth Docks. The trouble was, we knew the lights were on private grounds as the docks belong to the Bristol Port Company.
So after a few phone calls and a conversation with a very nice Pilot called Ken - we got to talk to Captain John Morgan of the Marine Department of the Bristol Port Company.
He very kindly invited us to come and visit him at any time. "I can see them out of my window" he said. "Can we come now?" we asked and he agreed to arrange the required hard hats and high-visibility jackets for us. So we hotfooted it up the M5 there and then. The staff at the Marine Department were very kind and helpful. We were allowed to walk down both piers and take as many pictures as we liked. Even the sun was reasonably kind to us and you can see a couple of the resulting pictures above.

On the 20th of March 2004 we went back to visit these two lights. This time with the "Association of Lighthouse Keepers" as part of the regular meetings of the South West Region Group.
Again the Bristol Port Company were very friendly and helpful! Stan and I had undertaken to organise this visit for the ALK and we were grateful to Captain Morgan!

Sadly this time the weather was not so co-operative.
It blew a gale and we decided it was too risky to walk out to the North Pier Light! But a good time was had regardless and everyone co-operated with the need for the protective clothing. On the right you can see the brave visitors suitably dressed and walking up to the South Pier Light.

Mike Millichamp from the ALK kindly gave us this picture post card of the North Pier Light station, with the Keepers Hut still in place! It is hard to imagine where the hut was. There must have been a lot of changes to the size and shape of the pier.

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