Amrum Lighthouse, Germany B1686

This is one of the lighthouses, we actually did not see. But we thought we would include it anyway! There is a stamp after all.




 Fl W 7.5s

Height of tower: 

 42 m


 63 m


 23 M

First lit:  

 1st January 1875    

Automated 1983

         Our first copy of the stamp issued 3rd March 2005.

           The lighthouse is in the background on the right


One way of making "tourist dollars",

put the lighthouse on a candle!    



The post card shows, of course, the two sea gulls.

The lighthouse in the background is "incidental"!

Between the Kniepsand and the towns lies a narrow strip of grassy dunes interspersed with lakes and hiking trails, crowned by the Amrumer Leuchtturm, the tallest lighthouse on Germany's North Sea coast.

After the end of the Danish rule in 1964 and the end of a long argument of experts about the location for a lighthouse around the island of Amrum, this lighthouse was first lit on the 1st of January 1875. This is the first German lighthouse built in North-Friesland and also the tallest lighthouse on Germany's North-Sea-Coast.


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