A day-trip to the Scilly Isles




On a fine cool April morning in 2007, we arrived at the quay at Penzance in Cornwall.

We have come  to board the Scillonian for a day trip to the Scilly Isles.






In  a couple of weeks time St. Mary's was going to host serious gig-racing competitions. So while waiting to board.  we were watching some of these boats being loaded.

Later we found out that 115 boats were to be transported to the island. So every ship going out in the next week or two,  would take a few.

Once everything and everyone is loaded, we leave the harbour of Penzance.





Some people are in more of a hurry and are taking the helicopter flight, which leaves Penzance very regularly.




A last look back a Penzance

















Passing the Coast Guard ship "Anglian Prinzess"











Looking back at St. Michael's Mount















Passing by Moushole ...











... and Lamorna ...












... we saw the reason for taking this trip.

The Tater-du Lighthouse is hard to reach, as there is no road access. You can walk along the coastal path, but we are not up to that, so we thought we'd see it from the water!

And what better way to do this, than a trip to the Scilly Isles?!!











Stan is ready with the camera to take pictures of Tater-du ...





 ... and me taking pictures










On the way we saw ...

- if a bit too far away -

... Lands End and Longships

way back in the haze.














... and the Wolf Rock lighthouse A0030.










And then, after nearly three pleasant  hours we approached St. Mary's, the largest of the islands.



Sailing past the airport, we saw the helicopter take off again.
















And then, almost at once, the first lighthouse we saw was Pennins Light, A0006, on the southern tip of St. Mary's', outside Old Town.











Next, peering over the hills, we saw another lighthouse: St. Agnes. This lighthouse has been inactive since 1911.












And then we saw an unexpected surprise in the distance: Bishop Rock lighthouse A0002 appeared in the distance. We have a particular "thing" about this light, because of its connection to the family and in particular to John Ball

We had not expected to see this tower, even from this far and in the hazy light.












The Round Island light, A0018, also appeared in the distance.













Well, we finally arrived in the Harbour at Hugh Town and the ship tied up for a few hours.

We went into town to see what we could do in the three hours we had on the island.












As it was low tide, the fishing boats were all "high and dry"











This lovely old bus is used for sight seeing trips round St. Mary's. So we spent an interesting hour being driven round the island and listening to all manner of funny anecdotes and information.

For example we learnt, the islanders spend the summer looking after tourists and the winter months cultivating Narcissi and Daffodils.













The Island of Tresco in the background is a private island.












The tower is the central point for the telephone service on the islands.










Old Town Bay and the "Loaded Camel Rock"





The Islands of Scilly have a Sea-Ambulance (the yellow boat in the centre of the picture). in case any of the smaller islands - called "off islands" - have an emergency.













Soon it was time to return to the ship. The tide had come in and the lovely fishing boats were now afloat,














One last look at Hugh Town















... nearly home again, we caught a glimpse of the Newlyn Harbour South Pier Light A0038.












And then, waiting to disembark, through a salt encrusted window, we saw the Penzance South Pier Lighthouse A0046 glide by.


We had a fantastic day! And we loved seeing all those lighthouses. Shame some of them were so far away!


Hope you enjoyed "coming with us" again!







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