The 23rd March 2006 was a special day for us, because we got to visit the "new" Point Loma lighthouse  "up close and personal".

And after that real great visit, we went to re-visit an old friend: The old Point Loma Lighthouse.

We had been here before, but that was before the changes were finished.

Have a look at our previous visit to this lovely lighthouse. You will notice that some alteration had been made to the site.

The Assistant Keeper's dwelling was rebuilt and made into a visitors centre. And the water catchment was rebuilt in front of the lighthouse.

And some landscaping has improved the look of the place.


On the drawing on the left, you can see

... the water catchment basin in front of the lighthouse

... the keeper's quarter / visitors centre


The visitors centre now houses the third-order Fresnel lens which had to be removed from the newer lighthouse (see our report). Also displayed is the fourth order lens form the Ballast Point Lighthouse


This is the 3rd order Fresnel lens from  the Point Loma Lighthouse. It was manufactured in the late 1800's and shipped over from France. In 1997 this lens was turned off to reduce damage caused by the lean from the corroding tower. In 2002, the corrosion got so bad, the lens had to be removed.

The lens "sits" on a rotating mechanism, which should turn it in the same way as it had turned in the lighthouse.






All round the lens and all over the visitors centre, are display boards  to explain the exhibits and the function of the lighthouses, as well as the life of the lighthouse keepers.


Behind the Ballast Point Optic, you can see photographic representations of "Stories of the Light"




And the lenses are also explained.






Even the lighthouse keeper has found a place in this very interesting visitor's centre. Together with all manner of items reminiscent of the keeper's life in the late 1800s when Robert Israel was keeper first here at the Old Point Loma lighthouse and later at the "new" light. 

We are grateful for the people at the Cabrillo National Monument  for all their efforts!









After a good look at everything in the visitors centre, we again visited the old lighthouse. You can climb up nearly to the lantern. Sadly the best picture of the great optic  we could get this time, had to be taken from below. Visitors are not allowed in the lantern room! Shame


At least the lens is not covered any longer. It was when we first visited this great place!

The light station looks great. We hope it will be maintained at this high standard for a long time to come!






Thank you to our friend Kim, who was our tour guide and who also plays a great role in the good work done for the Point Loma lighthouses!





In front of the stunning view of the San Diego skyline, from the left: Kim Fahlen, Stan, Sue, John and Margret

We had a great time!

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