Colin Archer



Colin Archer (22. July 1832 - 3 February 1921)

Colin Archer was a naval architect and ship builder from Larvik in Norway. His parents were Scottish and emigrated to Norway in 1925

Colin Archer built durable and safe ships. Maybe the most famous is "Fram". She was a polar exploration ship and was used by Roald Amundsen on the South Pole expedition.

Archer was credited for building one of the first rescue vessels for the Norwegian Lifeboat Institution. She was known as the "Colin Archer". The prototype was "Colin Archer RS1" and today she is a museum ship.

Stan wanted to scratch build it. 

each plank was made by hand


and a lot of work went into the detail


The deck was planked with hand cut strips of stained obeechy wood


Everything in place ... time for a coat of paint and a float test.


The proud builder and his master piece!


 This beautiful boat is available in kit form, but Stan did not use the kit.


The finished boat.


Like the real Colin Archer, the model is a dream to sail in all weathers

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