John Ball and his wife Teresa were married on the 19th of December 1870. They had eight children at least of which also became a lighthouse keeper. As did at least two if his grandchildren.

 John Ball was Stan's Great-Grandfather

John's last posting as a lighthouse keeper was on Bishop Rock off the coast of Cornwall, England. On the 19th of December 1898 John simply vanished under mysterious circumstances. Read the Article, published in Leading Lights Magazine. And here is the log book entry from Bishop Rock Lighthouse regarding the vanished keeper.

The local newspapers also reported on the mystery.
Notice in the Cornishman Newspaper 22/12/1898
Notice in the Cornish Telegraph Newspaper 22/12/1898
Article in the Cornishman Newspaper 29/12/1898

The weather was cloudy, overcast and some light rain with a NNW wind of force 3. This would mean a reasonably calm sea. Being a meticulous experinced keeper, he should not have had a problem, when he went outside for his customary late afternoon smoke of his pipe.

At the time, his wife, Teresa was away on the mainland attending her daughter-in-law Mary Ann with her new baby, Aubrey. Mary Ann's husband Charles (Stan's grandfather) was keeper at the Lizard Lighthouse at the time.

John Ball wrote a diary about his time on the Longships Lighthouse. You can read the diary entries thanks to articles published in the Leading Lights Magazine by Cousin Elizabeth Slatter.

Diary Part 1              Diary Part 2               Diary Part 3


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