Charles William Edward Ball

on one of the lighthouses he served on

We think this must be Lowestoft Lighthouse

Charles was Stan's Grandfather. He was born on the 12th of February 1871, the first of eight children of John Ball and Theresa Kernan. John Ball at the time still lived in Hampstead, London.

In 1892 Charles married Mary Ann Nicholas from Sennen Cove in Cornwall. Her father Henry was the local lifeboat Coxswain at Sennen Cove.

Charles and Mary had three children. Charles Aubrey who became a lighthouse keeper, Florence, who was Stan's mother and married a lighthouse keeper, and Theresa Mary.

Charles joined the Trinity House Service on the 3rd of February 1891 and served in the Blackwall Depot until May 1892, when he became AK on the Wolf Rock Lighthouse. He served as AK (Assistant Keeper) at the Wolf Rock, the Lizard, Longships and Round Island, before he became PK (Principle Keeper) and served as such at Lynmouth Foreland, Lowestoft and South Stack. We do have the service record for Charles. Sadly he is the only one of the family where we have this documentation.

Charles William Edward Ball service record

Charles died on the 11th September 1951 in Hopton near Great Yarmouth. He was 80 years old. On Thursday the 1st of November 1951 the "Cornishman" Newspaper published the following notice:

Sadly Stan could not attend the funeral, as he was in the Army at the time and was not allowed leave.


Standing in front of "Myholme", the bungalow in Kennel Loke, Hopton near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK
From the left: Stan, his mother Florence, Stan's brother David, Mary and Charles Ball
The picture must have been taken around 1936

Myholme as it looks in September 2004 - not changed that much



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